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Most active GitHub users in South Sudan

This is a list of most active GitHub users in South Sudan over the past year. Other countries/cities can be found here. This list was generated at 2020-08-03 08:41:26.305103827 +0000 UTC m=+0.921665433.

This list is generated with this piece of code. The logic is as follows (in pseudocode):

           .filter(_.location == 'South Sudan') 

This list only contains public contributions of each user. You can also view this list with private contributions included.

Rank User Contribs Picture
1. Kinqly () 3 Avatar for Kinqly
2. 0912222213 (William Deng Lual Deng ) 1 Avatar for 0912222213
3. Tabandenis (Taban Denis Tabbi) 1 Avatar for Tabandenis
4. Zeko970 (zeko970) 1 Avatar for Zeko970
5. gatkouth20 (gatkouth nyuel) 0 Avatar for gatkouth20
6. DutM (Dut Majak) 0 Avatar for DutM


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